Located just 6 miles Northwest of Boston, Watertown was founded in 1630. Watertown was the first inland settlement in Massachusetts and initially encompassed the present communities of Weston, Waltham and large sections of Lincoln, Belmont, and Cambridge -thus becoming one of the largest American settlements of its time. Watertown is noted as the home of Star Market, a chain of local grocery stores known to many in the Greater Boston area. Today Watertown is rich in ethnic diversity and culture, boasts a high level of citizen involvement and many amenities such as shopping malls, swimming pools, country and tennis clubs, skating rinks, and eleven fine parks.


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Watertown High School was ranked #101 by Boston Magazine in 2014. There are 8 K-12 schools in Watertown, MA, including 5 public schools and 3 private schools. For a complete description of school scores, visit education.com.


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Parks And Recreation

  • Charles River Walkway - A true gem of a place to relax and take a quiet walk or run, stop at the bridges and enjoy the wildlife


Watertown borders Soldiers Field Road and the Massachusetts Turnpike, major arteries into downtown Boston. Watertown is served by several MBTAbus routes.