1. Determine Offer Price

2. Offer Deposit Amount
Tradition deposit $1,000; personal check is acceptable. Check is delivered to listing agent’s office once the offer is accepted.

3. Total Down payment Amount
For Example, 5%,10%, or 20% down. The higher your total down payment, the more competitive your offer will be in a bidding war.

4. Closing Date
Typically, if in a bidding situation, we recommend a 40 day closing. If there is no bidding, the date is your choice. 

5. Letter to Seller’s  
Optional but highly recommended
Please explain what you love about the home , include a very short bio, and anything else you feel is important to communicate to the Seller. 

Offer Accepted

1. Offer check delivered to listing agent office upon fully executed offer; offer is accepted by the seller and a contract is signed by both parties. Buyer is now in a legal binding contract.

2. Schedule home inspection.  We will provide you with a list of recommended inspectors. The buyer elects to perform inspections on the property as agreed upon in the contract.  These inspections must be completed by a certain date, which is called the inspection contingency date

The types of inspections vary by property type and situation (and locale), but in Massachusetts, a licensed home inspector generally inspects the home first, and other inspections and tests can be ordered if revealed to be necessary by the initial inspection. The types of inspections vary by property type and situation (and locale), but other common inspections in Massachusetts include a termite inspection and radon inspection.

Home Inspection

Based on the outcome of inspections, buyers may elect to ask the seller for repair work, closing cost credits, or a reduction in the sale price due to flaws that were uncovered. Sellers have three options: agree to all of the buyers's requests, offer a modified solution back to the buyer, or decline to make any amends. In response, the buyer can continue to negotiate, accept the seller's position, or in some cases, end the transaction and recoup their earnest money.

The buyer removes or waives the inspection contingency by agreeing to a signed inspection response with the seller, or by failing to make an inspection response request to the seller before the inspection contingency date has passed.

We will work with the buyer to help advise on the best offer strategy and price. An extensive Market Analysis Report will be compiled and reviewed with buyer to help assist finalizing the offer price.