How to avoid buyers remorse

To avoid buyer’s remorse, stay grounded by asking yourself the following questions throughout the home-buying process.

Ask Yourself

In a competitive situation, a buyer just wants to win. If you’re competing and forced into a multiple-offer situation, step back and ask yourself: Is this the home I really want, or do I just want to beat out the other buyers?

Is This the Home We Set Out For In the First Place?

When buyers are in the throes of a competitive home market, it’s easy to settle for a home that “kind of” works, or to lapse into autopilot mode. You may just be ready to buy and be done with it. You don’t think about things like the commute from the new neighborhood to your job, that you aren’t the renovating type, or that you never signed up for the lawn mowing and maintenance issues associated with homeownership.

We will always work to bring you back to your original plan before you sign a contract. We will review all the reasons why the home isn’t the right option and all the reasons why the home is the right option. It’s better to flesh that out in advance than to ignore the warning signs and cancel.

Triple Check Your Math

Unexpected costs can trigger buyer's remorse. When you calculate how much home you can afford, make sure include the costs for things like real estate taxes, condo fees, yard care and homeowner's insurance. A home inspection will give you an idea of what type of repairs you can expect so you can budget for those as well.

Resist the drama
Don't get sucked into the drama during a bidding war because you will lose perspective. We will help you stay objective and remind you that you're trying to buy the right home, not win an auction. We've created winning strategies to help you will a bidding was while eliminating the drama.Your home is one of the biggest investments you'll make in your life so, of course, house hunting can be an emotional rollercoaster. When you work with our team, we will help you cope with the twists and turns. 

If you haven't completed your "wants/needs" list, you can create it today with our simple online Home Buyer Questionnaire.

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