Arlington, founded over 350 years ago, remains proud of its history, even as it has grown into a thoroughly modern community. The birthplace of Uncle Sam, the location of the first public children's library, and the site of most of the fighting when the British marched through it returning from the Old North Bridge at the start of the Revolutionary War, Arlington has preserved many of its historical buildings and even recreated its town common. Once a thriving agriculture and mill town, Arlington's excellent access to metropolitan Boston has made it a very desirable place to live.


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Arlington ranks among one of the best school districts in Massachusetts. In fact, Arlington High School was ranked #33 by Boston Magazine in 2014. There are 17 K-12 schools in Arlington, MA, including 10 public schools and 7 private schools. For a complete description of school scores, visit


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MBTA buses are available throughout Arlington with transportation to MBTA trains